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At The End Of The Rainbow: Why Investing In Gold Is A Good Financial Decision

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It's shiny, expensive, and certainly no stranger to treasure chests: it's gold. Investing in gold is always a hot topic, but with the economy and unemployment numbers being what they are, having a steady investment may seem like a good idea. As the value of gold has gone steadily up over the last few years, gold may seem more attractive to prospective investors than ever. If you're curious about what investing in gold could do for you, here are a couple of the reasons it could be a great investment.

The market is up

Gold's value has been at a steady increase over the last decade or so, meaning that the gold you buy today will be worth more than you paid tomorrow. Because of this powerful trend, it's safer than ever to invest in gold. While the market is soaring, it's still nowhere near the prices achieved in the 1980s, making it a sure bet that the value can continue to rise. Investing in an industry that is rising quickly and consistently is a good way to ensure you'll make a profit.

Demand is greater than supply

There's more demand for gold than ever before, but this precious metal is much harder to find and mine than it was 80 years ago. High school economics relates the basic fact that when supply is smaller than the demand, the value of the object (in this case, gold) goes up. Since the market is in such short supply, it can't become saturated with gold and thus the value won't drop suddenly.

You can hold it in your hands

Many investments are nebulous guarantees, only definable on paper or by investor's jargon. Not so with gold--you can invest in a tangible product easily kept with you, to ensure that you actually receive the money you deserve. You can either have gold bullion bars or take the more portable bullion coins. These real-life investments are considered the most 'safe' of all gold investment options, as there's no chance anything could happen to the gold via mismanagement by a corporation or seller.

Gold acts as insurance

While other investments rise and fall with the market, gold remains relatively untouched by the other trends going on in investing. Because gold stands up solidly to the test of time, it is recommended that up to fifteen percent of your portfolio should be made up of gold. This way, though other industries may rise and fall, you can count on at least one of your investments to keep appreciating.

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