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2 Easy Ways To Expedite The Bail Bond Process

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Finding out that a friend or family member has been arrested can be stressful. The thought of your loved one spending time in a jail can be disheartening, so posting bail on a loved one's behalf often becomes a priority for friends and family members on the outside.

In order to ensure that your loved one spends as little time behind bars as possible following an arrest, you need to be proactive in expediting the bail bond process. There are some easy ways to expedite the process without putting you or your loved one at risk.

1. Gather as much information from your loved one as possible.

How fast you are able to bail your loved one out of jail often depends on the type of information you gather when your loved one calls you from jail. All inmates are given the opportunity to make a phone call to reach out for help after being arrested.

Many people become so emotional when learning of a loved one's arrest that they don't ask for pertinent information during that initial phone call. You will need to know when your loved one was arrested and what he or she is being charged with. You should also ask which jail your loved one is being held in.

The bondsman will need this information to post bail and secure your loved one's release. Having pertinent information readily available will prevent delays in the bail bond process.

2. Determine the bail set for your loved one.

The bail amount for each individual who has been arrested can vary. It's important that you know exactly what the bail amount is for your loved one before contacting a bail bondsman.

Some bail bond companies only post bail up to a certain limit, so you may encounter difficulty if your loved one's bail is high. You can seek out a specialized bail bond company for help dealing with costly bail amounts.

Knowing the bail amount for your loved one can also help you determine the best way to post your percentage of the bail bond. The percentage fee for smaller bail amounts can usually be paid in full with cash or credit, but larger bail percentages might require collateral.

When you know how you will be financing your portion of the bail before contacting a bail bondsman, you can speed up the bail bond process to secure your loved one's release from jail.

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