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Reducing Third-Party POS Security Vulnerabilities

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Many of the security issues businesses encounter have to do with their third-party point-of-sale systems. But that doesn’t mean point-of-sale systems are inherently vulnerable. Businesses need to find the point-of-sale systems that work best for them – and they need to be conscientious about their own security needs. Get a Consolidated Point-of-Sale System The more components you have within your network, the more likely it will be that you will encounter a vulnerability. Read More»

5 Ways New Homeowners Can Save On Insurance Premiums

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With the down payment, closing costs, moving expenses and taking care of any pressing repairs, new homeowners are already maxed out financially. However, insurance is one area that can be managed through targeted choices and home updates. Here are five ways homeowners can save on insurance premiums: 1. Consider Your Coverage and Deductible While being underinsured can be disastrous if problems arise, being overinsured is like throwing money out the window. Read More»

At The End Of The Rainbow: Why Investing In Gold Is A Good Financial Decision

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It’s shiny, expensive, and certainly no stranger to treasure chests: it’s gold. Investing in gold is always a hot topic, but with the economy and unemployment numbers being what they are, having a steady investment may seem like a good idea. As the value of gold has gone steadily up over the last few years, gold may seem more attractive to prospective investors than ever. If you’re curious about what investing in gold could do for you, here are a couple of the reasons it could be a great investment. Read More»